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Dynamics of Hope Consulting

We help people integrate all of the elements of their lives and to find ways to grow by 

❖ reaching in, to look at ourselves, our spirits, strengths and challenges,  emotions, intellects, wisdom

❖ reaching out, to connect with our community, our people, our history and collective experiences, and,

❖ reaching up, turning to G!d, our Higher Power, the Universe, traditions, and that which is beyond all of us in order to find hope and inner peace. 

We serve as a bridge, between where you are and where you’re going. A s a Mentor, I  will help you through the fog. Together, we will set goals and clarify how you will know when you have achieved them, and we will find the path that’s right for you. Every session is individually tailored to meet your needs, and to help you find your way.

There is an inextricable link between each person's mind, body and spirit, together, we work in concert with modern medical practices to help people find meaning and healing in their lives. Healing is a process of finding shalom - the wholeness, balance, and peace which comes from the renewal and strengthening of the body, mind and spirit. Healing may not lead to physical recovery, but it almost certainly leads to love, compassion, understanding and hope. 

Recovery is a very spiritual journey. We can help you expand and focus your relationship with your Higher Power, and explore what that really means to you. An Integrative Life Coach can help guide you through your Steps, and accompany you on this sacred journey to sobriety and beyond.

You’re not going crazy! Recovery from significant loss takes work, to understand and find yourself in the absence of your loved one. Spiritual Life Coaching will help you come not just to accept your loss, but to be grateful for all you had, and all you now have. 

Finding spiritual peace with yourself, as you are a reflection fo G!d’s image, exactly the way G!d wants you to be. Many, unfortunately not most, spiritual leaders understand that there is holiness in diversity. For those people who have suffered at the hands of homophobes and bigots, Integrative, Spiritual Life Coaching will help you to find your spiritual connection with the Designer Who made you in G!d’s image, exactly as you are.

As your Mentor, I will help you in the renewal and strengthening of  your  body, mind and spirit - a process of finding shalom. 

While we draw on Jewish tradition for our source materials, we provide training, support and individual counseling to all, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, gender or any other criteria whereby others might discriminate.  

Our fees are adjusted to people's ability to pay and monthly discounts are available.  

What's a Mentor for Personal and Spiritual Transformation?

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