The Dynamics of Hope was originally written when I was working as a Hospital Chaplain at Banner Thunderbird Hospital in Glendale, AZ. It was written for medical and social service staff to enable them to discuss issues of hope and spirituality with their patients. Since then, it has been presented in other hospitals, for congregations training volunteers to help people living with serious illness, to the National Association of Jewish Chaplains, the Association of Professional Chaplains, groups of people living with serious and chronic illness and other organizations.

When I presented it at the Wellness Community in Phoenix, participants suggested that they would like to discuss experiencing joy while they are struggling to live with life-threatening illness, and then they suggested forgiveness. Then multiple loss became a focus, leading to the Dynamics of Life.

All workshops are Interactive Powerpoint discussions, ideal for people living with serious illness, their loved ones and caregivers, with very practical implications for hospitals, hospices, clergy, social workers, medical practices, volunteers, and others. All can be adapted to meet the needs and interests of sponsoring organizations. Participants will gain new understanding of the concepts of hope, joy, forgiveness, and life  and will be able to draw direct implications from the workshops for their work.

All Dynamics Workshops can be presented as 1/2 day workshops or as a two hour workshop. 

❖  We tailor fees to meet the budget of the sponsoring organization.

The Dynamics of Forgiveness

Starting with the Biblical story of Joseph, this workshop follows the path from injury, pain and slavery to forgiveness. How can you forgive the unforgivable?

Topics include:
paradigms of forgiveness
forgiving ourselves
forgiving others
forgiving G!d
starting over

Participants will be able to demonstrate how “unforgivers” bear the burden by holding on to a grudge, and will be able to help others “unpack” their anger at others. They will be able to discuss unrealistic expectations of other people, establish plans for letting go of anger and negative experiences.

The Dynamics of Life (a work in  progress, as it were)

Starting with Psalm 23, this workshop focuses on the path through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, with close reading and discussion of this text and others for insights into life and death.  The workshops focuses on Psalms, poetry and literary responses to suffering and multiple loss.

    Topics Include:    
  overcoming fear
finding comfort after loss
poetry on life and loss
find a new “normal”
“good grief”
gratitude and memory

Participants will be able to talk about significant loss and the often unanticipated changes that happen in our  lifetimes. They will recognize that we do not know the ending of our own stories, and will gain insights through different forms of expression. They will be able to understand and to  offer comfort.

The Dynamics of Joy

Starting with the Biblical story of the crossing of the Red Sea, this workshop focuses on celebrating the moment, enjoying life, even when we know it is limited. 

Topics include:
laughter as medicine
finding time for joy each day

Participants will be able to identify when there is a fixation on negative  experiences, empower others to experience joy, and provide opportunities to others to express joy and gratitude, even when there are significant life challenges.

Dynamics Workshops

The Dynamics of Hope

Beginning with the Book of Ruth and Naomi's inability to see hope, this workshop helps envision the transformation from despair to hope. 

Topics include:
understanding and identifying despair
the ways in which hope changes
G!d, prayer and hope
undying hope

Participants will be able to identify despair, recognize that no situation is hopeless, and will be able to demonstrate with patients (or others) how to find hope that is realistic, aware and abiding. 

Dynamics of Hope Consulting

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